Shakespeare's Kids aims to reach as many children as possible in the North Lanarkshire area so we now offer a selection of classes suitable for all children ages 4-16years . 
Little Shakespeare's Beginners Ages 5-7 years 
Cumbernauld Primary School

Tuesday from 3pm-4.30pm 

Freedom Church Rehearsal Studios Cumbernauld  Tue / Thur & Friday from 6-7.15pm 

 Preschool class just launched 5-6pm Thursday  

Shakespeare's Kids Ages 7-10 years
Cumbernauld Primary School

Monday 3pm-4.30pm  

Freedom Church Rehearsal Studio Cumbernauld 

Tuesday / Thursday &  Friday  6-7.17pm 

Shakespeare's Kids Youth Theatre  Ages 10-17 years 
Cornerstone House Cumbernauld 

Tuesday / Thursday &  Friday 7.30-9pm 

For experienced children or those looking to take a more serious approach to performing. 

SK Musical Theatre ages 7-18 years every Sunday 2-4pm Rehearsal studios of Freedom Church Cumbernauld 



Classes & Workshops