Shakespeare's Kids was established by Sharon McNally in 2012  following her studies  in Literature and Language. The objective was to explore ways in which quality literature, in particular Shakespeare, could be made more appealing and approachable to young children of today. 
 Shakespeare's Kids  have managed to create a unique experience where children as young as five can not only enjoy the stories of Shakespeare's plays but actually become immersed in the the experience of becoming a literary character  through costume, props , film and musical theatre .
Drama, dance, music, film and costume are combined to encourage the children to create, perform and direct their version of Shakespeare's most popular works as well as their own unique musical theatre productions . 


To date the project has produced short films adaptations of


A Midsummer Nights Dream 

Romeo & Juliet 

Filming has taken place a range of locations from local graveyards to Historical sites such as Stirling Castle to Stately home such as Chatelherault House Hamilton to Colzium Estate Kilsyth . 


The children have also ventured into musical theatre creating their own play based on literatures & films classic heroes and villains .

Love Is An Open Door 

Calling All The Monsters 

Calling All The Monsters 2 

Shakespeare's Kids & The Secrets of The Lost Folio 

The Revenge of Emmy Tot