Cara Thewlis -  Assistant Director , Ambassador & Choreographer and at just 15 yrs old has produced her first Broadway Muscial Aladdin 

Cara  began Shakespeare's Kids at just 10 years old .

Her  productions include ; 

Love Is An Open Door - Princess Jasmin ( Lead) 

A Midsummer Nights Dream Film - Fairy 

Macbeth 2018- Lady MacDuff's Family / Dancer 

A Midsummer Nights Dream Musical Theatre - Main Fairy 

Romeo & Juliet Film 

Romeo & Juliet Musical Theatre - Juliet ( Lead ) 

Calling All The Monsters - Mary Sanderson   (Lead) 

Calling All The Monsters 2 - Mary Sanderson   ( Lead ) 

Shakespeare's Kids & The Secrets of The Lost Folio - Daughter of Portia  ( Lead) 

We Are The Children. - A Michael Jackson Tribute ( Lead ) 

Rockin'  With The Monsters - Festival of The Dead - Mary Sanderson ( Lead) 

Secrets of The Lost Folio - Poppy Daughter of Portia 

Going for Gucci - Daughter of Portia 

Aladdin - Choreographer & Asst Director 

Cara has also assisted in the production of a number of Junior productions as well as the  running  of our  summer camps for Shakespeare's Kids and is on the children's board and an Ambassador of Shakespeare's Kids & Little Shakespeare's 

She  has recently completed 2 Community Achievement Award  through Kelvin College Glasgow in recognition for her  work in our project and will be the youngest student in Scotland under 18 to have achieved this .